A Guild United is the newest Game Mode introduced to the game. It was added in January of 2017 along with Enlightenment being unlocked for Arcane Caster and Dark Rider. It is a very unique type of tournament whereby your Guild is paired against 24 others in a week long contest testing various 'skills'. The challenges themselves are highly varied and introduce multiple new functions to the game. It can be accessed from the Guild Hall or 'Limited' tab of the treasure chest in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Your guild is assigned up to four trials at a time. The trials are random and are either active or on cooldown. The challenges all require a specific task to be completed a varying number of times by members of the guild. The tasks can include: Obtaining victory in various Game Modes, collecting or spending resources, hiring Heroes, Evolving or Enlightening Heroes, obtaining Heroes, joining Campaign Clash, and creating Spell Edges. A new challenge will be assigned to the slot of a completed challenges after 4 hours. Any challenge may be abandoned by the Guild Master or Elder at any time for 200 Jewels and a new challenge will be issued after 30 minutes have passed.

Each Trial awards a variety of different resources to anyone who contributed to its progress as well as an amount of Unity Points to the guild and a equal amount of Honor Points divided among the participating players equal to their contribution. Unity Points determine your Guilds rank in the tournament and tier rewards.

The following information is a work in progress and the rewards do not seem to be standardized, however they are being included for now until more can be understood about the system. Any information which you can add would be much appreciated.

Collect TrialsEdit

Various Trials challenge your Guild to collect a varying number of Resources including Rings, Mutagen, Souls, Coral EXP Eggs, Epic Heroes, and Magic Powder. This is a new idea to the game whereby you benefit from not collecting your resources until the corresponding trial has been assigned.

Collect Name Unity
1m Souls Soul Collector 300
2m Souls Grim Reaper 450
3m Souls Soul Eater 600
10k Rings Ring Me Maybe 300
20k Rings My Precious 450
30k Rings Lord of These Rings 600
5k Mutagen Finding Mutagen 300
10k Mutagen Mutagen Hunters 450
15k Mutagen Mutagen Galore 600
50 Coral Exp Eggs Hard Boiled 300
100 Coral Exp Eggs Egging You On 450
150 Coral Exp Eggs Egglicious 600
30 Epic Heroes Much Epic 500
60 Epic Heroes Such Epic 750
90 Epic Heroes Very Heroes, Wow! 1,000
5k Magic Powder Powder Flounder 500
10k Magic Powder 750
15k Magic Powder Ground to Dust 1,000

Game ModesEdit

Various trials challenge your Guild to achieve 3-star victory, or victory, or simply challenges various Game Modes including: Challenge Battle Royale, Win Arena, 3-Star Lords League, 3-Star Resources Raids, Join Campaign Clash, Win in Coliseum, Win in Battle Square, and Win in Hero Trials.

Trial Name Unity
20 Battle Royale Royal Rumble 200
40 Battle Royale Royal Riot 300
60 Battle Royale Royal Rampage 400
10 Campaign Clashes I Came, I Saw 200
20 Campaign Clashes I Saw, I Conquered 300
40 Campaign Clashes Journey to the Rest 400
20 Coliseum Budding Gladiators 200
40 Coliseum Pursuit of Fame 300
80 Coliseum Superstar 400
20 Battle Square Square Off 300
40 Battle Square Square Up 300
80 Battle Square Squared 400
20 Hero Trials Coming of Age 200
40 Hero Trials Right of Passage 300
80 Hero Trials Ascension 400
50 Arena Honor and Glory 200
100 Arena To the Death 300
200 Arena Duel of Fates 400
80 Resource Raids Base Raze 200
160 Resource Raids I'm in Your Base 300
320 Resource Raids World Domination 400
30 Lords League League of Lords 200
60 Lords League League of Conquerors 300
120 Lords League League of Vanquishers 400

Hero HiresEdit

Various Trials challenge your Guild to do either Free or 10x Hero Hires

Hire Name Unity
30 10x Hires 10x the Madness 500
60 10x Hires 10/10 Will Hire Again 1,000
80 Free Hires Militia 200
160 Free Hires Conscription 300
320 Free Hires To-Arms! 400

Hero Evolution/EnlightenmentEdit

A number of different trials challenge your guild to Evolve or Enlighten your Heroes a number of times.

Evolve/Enlighten Name Unity
Evolve 10 Times Genesis 500
Evolve 20 Times Incubation 750
Evolve 30 Times Metamorphosis 1,000
Enlighten ? Times 500
Enlighten 20 Times Rumination 750
Enlighten ? Times 1,000

Spell EdgesEdit

Some Trials challenge your Guild to create a number of Spell Edges. This can cost quite a bit of time and gold to complete however spells are cheaper when they are lower level so it is best to leave whatever spells you have no use for at a low level and grind those.

Create Name Unity
50 Spell Edges Apprentice 200
100 Spell Edges Journeyman 300
200 Spell Edges Archmage 400

Trial RewardsEdit

The rewards offered for completing each trial are selected randomly based on the honor points the trial is worth.

Honor Rewards
200 100 Rings, 10k Souls, 50 Mutagen, 2 Gold EXP Egg, 1 Chest of 500k Gold
300 150 Rings, 15k Souls, 75 or 80 Mutagen, 3 Gold EXP Egg, 2 Chests of 500k Gold, 15 Chests of 50k Gold
400 200 Rings, 20k Souls, 100 Mutagen, 1 Coral EXP Egg, 2 Chests of 500k Gold
450 225 Rings, 22.5k Souls, 120 Mutagen, 1 Coral EXP Egg, 3 Chests of 500k Gold
500 200 Rings, 20k Souls, 100 Mutagen, 1 Coral EXP Egg, 1 Chest of 2m Gold
600 300 Rings, 30k Souls, 160 Mutagen, 2 Coral EXP Egg, 1 Chest of 2m Gold
750 300 or 350 Rings, 35k Souls, 200 Mutagen, 2 Coral EXP Egg, 6 Chests of 500k Gold
1,000 400 Rings, 40k Souls, 240 Mutagen, 3 Coral EXP Egg, 2 Chests of 2m Gold


Any Guild of level 2+ with at least 3 members who have been online in that last 7 days is automatically added to a random group with 24 other Guilds from any of the game servers. The tournament starts on Monday and lasts for 7 days. The frequency of the tournament seems to be around a week after each new patch. Guilds are ranked by their total Unity Points and higher finishes give slightly better rewards to that guild's members. Any member who contributed to any Trial during the week is eligible for this reward.

Rank Reward
1 2,500 Ancient Spirit Shards, 1,500 Mutagen, 12x 5m Gold Chests, 30x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
2 1,500 Ancient Spirit Shards, 1,200 Mutagen, 10x 5m Gold Chests, 25x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
3 1k Ancient Spirit Shards, 1k Mutagen, 8x 5m Gold Chests, 20x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
4-5 500 Ancient Spirit Shards, 800 Mutagen, 6x 5m Gold Chests, 15x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
6-7 600 Mutagen, 6x 5m Gold Chests, 15x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
8-10 300 Mutagen, 4x 5m Gold Chests, 12x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
11-15 2x 5m Gold Chests, 10x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
16-25 3x 2m Gold Chests, 8x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls

Tier RewardsEdit

At various Unity Point totals your Guild is given Tier Rewards at the end of the week. This is similar to how the Arena and Coliseum work as you receive the rewards from all of the tiers you have reached. The second season they changed this to allow you to pick one of three rewards from each tier.

Tier Unity Pick One Reward
1 1,000 5x Chest of 2m Gold, 20x 24h Speed Scrolls, 5 Coral Exp Eggs
2 2,000 5 Coral Exp Eggs, 750 Rings, 20x 24h Speed Scrolls
3 3,000 300 Skull Mage Shards, 5x 2m Gold, 300 Carol d'Belle Shards
4 4,000 20 Arcane Caster Evolution Essence, 20 Carol d'Belle Evo Essence, 500 Demon Slayer Shards
5 6,000 20 Abyss Demon Evo Essence, 500 Sapphirix Shards, 4x Chest of 5m Gold
6 8,000 500 Renee Ven Shards, 20 Arctic Lord Evo Essence, 500 Mutagen
7 10,000 20 Renee Ven Evo Essence, 500 Renee Ven Shards, 20 Chiron Evo Essence
8 12,000 20 Landslide Evo Essence, 500 Great Sage Shards, 20 Chiron Evo Essence
9 14,000 20 Ambrosia Evo Essence, 20 Landslide Evo Essence, 20 Great Sage Evo Essence
10 16,000 20 Enchantress Evo Essence, 500 Arcane Caster Shards, 20 The Berserker Evo Essence
11 18,000 20 Enchantress Evo Essence, 500 Mutagen, 500 Berserker Shards
12 21,000 20 Toxic Shaman Evo Essence, 500 Won Ton Shards, 20 Won Ton Evo Essence
13 24,000 1,000 Mutagen, 500 Rath Shards, 500 Wolvenfiend Shards
14 27,000 500 Wolvenfiend Shards, 500 Ironclad Shards, Stormrider Shards
15 30,000 1,000 Stormrider Shards, 2,500 Ancient Spirit Shards, 1,000 Ironclad Shards


Here are some ideas on how to improve your Guild's performance in Guild Unity.

  • Wait to collect resources and use free hero hires. There are many trials which are based on resource collection so try and be patient.
  • Resource collection and spending is a huge part of aGU. The majority of places to spend/collect resources involve multiple types and a limited timeframe over which to do so. Familiarize yourself with this complexity so that you can act wisely and save safely. By that I mean, save collection but remembering to collect them before they expire. Below are some of my favored places to collect/spend resources for these trials, ordered by preference.
    • Collect Rings: Coliseum, Events, Guild Boss, Arena, Mystic Shop, Guild Clash, Lucky Spin, Guild Quests, Guild Bot/Chariot Chests. Spend Rings: Wherever you want.
    • Collect Souls: Coliseum, Events, Bags of Souls, Mystic Shop, Lords League Weekly Rankings, Arena, Guild Clash, Lucky Spin, Trials Chests. Spend Souls: Wherever you want.
    • Collect Mutagen: Events, Guild Quests, Battle Royale, Guild Clash, Lucky Spin, Trials Chests, El Dorado Aces Chests. Spend Mutagen: Upgrading Sanctum, Insight, Enlightenment, Evolution, Bastion Research, Gleaning Glyphs
    • Coral Eggs: Coliseum, Events, Mystic Shop, Arena, Battle Royale, Guild Clash, Guild Quests
  • Spend wisely. There is little reason to spend jewels to progress in Guild Unity. The benefit is very small and there are endless opportunities to do so. Rather, spend as you normally would, but try and align this spending with Trials if possible.
  • Abandon bad Trials. Trials are by no means balanced. Some you are able to grind while others may take multiple days no matter what you do.
  • Communicate. Some Trials may seem like overwhelming challenges, however other Guild mates may be prepared to wipe them out, but there is no way to know without talking.
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