Abyss Demon is a very useful Epic Melee Hero who can not only fit the role of main tank, but main team heals as well. His power has lead to igg releasing a number of heroes who directly counter him such as Arcane Caster, Toxic Shaman, and Bullhead.

Abyss Demon is able to attain Enlightenment. Doing so improves nearly every aspect about him, complete information can be found on Abyss Demon Enlightenment.


Abyss Demon is an armored demon with a wicked looking tail who wields a giant sword with which he brings his foes to their knees.

Hero SkillEdit

Abyss Demon is an Leader-type Hero. His skill heals himself for each attack he makes and heal his party for about half the amount. This heal can be incredibly significant at high levels and since it is purely dependent on him attacking can be significantly boosted by increasing his attack rate and equipping a Thunder Blade as the damage done by it's proc contributes to his healing.

Active SkillEdit

Attacks leach 24 to 124% of DMG dealt as HP and heals nearby allied heroes for 22 to 62% of DMG dealt. Also increases Abyss Demon's Atk Rate and SPD by 19 to 70% and 10 to 70% respectively. Lasts 14 Seconds. Costs 4 to 1 Rage. Detailed level information can be found within the game UI by opening hero bag, clicking see more, epic heroes, the question mark on the upper right corner of the Hero of interest and then skills in the same spot..

Aid SkillEdit

Deployed Hero deals an area attack of 10 to 100% DMG dealt every 12 to 5 Attacks. Detailed level information can be found in game UI.

Hero EvolveEdit

Abyss Demon can further enhance his potency by evolving new skills and abilities.

Evolve Level Skill Name Skill Level Requirements Cost
Skill Description
Aries Finesse Tenacity 1

Hero Level: 50
Player Level: 30
Hero Skill Level: 5
Merc Level: 10

500 Rings
10,000 Souls
200 Mutagen

Increases 5,000 + 15% HP.
Taurus Finesse Strength 1 Hero Level: 70

Player Level: 35
Hero Skill Level: 7
Merc Level: 14

500 Rings
30,000 Souls
300 Mutagen

Increases 300 + 10% ATK.
Gemini Fortitude Leech 1 Hero Level: 80

Player Level: 40
Hero Skill Level: 8
Merc Level: 16

800 Rings
500 Mutagen
300 Shards

Increases 20% ATK Rate and SPD when defending. Negates 20% DMG when attacked, converting it to HP to be divided among surviving heroes/buildings
Cancer Finesse Blessing 1 Hero Level: 90

Player Level: 45
Hero Skill Level: 9
Merc Level: 18

1,000 Rings
50,000 Souls
800 Mutagen
500 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 30% while defending and stationed in the Heroes Hall.
Leo Divine Blast 1 Player Level: 50

Hero Skill Level: 10
Glory: 1
Merc Level: 20

1,500 Rings
50,000 Souls
1,200 Mutagen
700 Shards

Unleases 8 rapid strikes at surrounding enemies, each dealing (1,500+75% ATK) DMG. Each strike reduces enemy's DMG by 25% for 10s. Also grants Stun immunity for 20 sec.
Virgo Finesse Tenacity 2 Hero Level: 125

Player Level: 60
Hero Skill Level: 11
Merc Level: 22

80,000 Souls
1,500 Mutagen
800 Shards

Increases 25,000 + 50% HP.
Libra Finesse Strength 2 Hero Level: 140

Player Level: 70
Hero Skill Level: 12
Merc Level: 25

2,000 Rings
1,500 Mutagen
1,000 Shards

Increases 1,200 + 35% ATK.
Scorpio Fortitude Leech 2 Player Level: 80

Hero Skill Level: 13
Glory: 3
Merc Level: 28

80,000 Souls
2,000 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Increases 35% ATK Rate and SPD when defending. Negates 30% DMG when attacked, converting it to HP to be divided among surviving heroes/buildings.
Sagittarius Finesse Blessing 2 Player Level: 90

Hero Skill Level: 14
Glory: 5
Merc Level: 31

2,500 Rings
2,500 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 70% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Capricorn Divine Blast 2 Hero Level: 160

Player Level: 100
Hero Skill Level: 16
Merc Level: 34

3,000 Rings
100,000 Souls
3,000 Mutagen
1,800 Shards

Unleases 8 rapid strikes at surrounding enemies, each dealing (3,000+90% ATK) DMG. Each strike reduces enemy's DMG by 35% for 12s. Also grants Stun immunity for 35 sec.
Aquarius Fortitude Leech 3 Hero Level: 165

Player Level: 110
Hero Skill Level: 18
Merc Level: 37

4,000 Rings
150,000 Souls
4,000 Mutagen
2,000 Shards

Increases 50% ATK Rate and SPD when defending. Negates 40% DMG when attacked, converting it to HP to be divided among surviving heroes/buildings.
Pisces Divine Blast 3 Hero Level: 175

Player Level: 120
Hero Skill Level: 20
Merc Level: 40

5,000 Rings
200,000 Souls
5,000 Mutagen
2,500 Shards

Unleases 10 rapid strikes at surrounding enemies, each dealing (6,000+115% ATK) DMG. Each strike reduces enemy's DMG by 50% for 15s. Also grants Stun immunity for 45 sec.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 10920 690
10 12355 785
20 14640 930
30 17675 1125
40 21360 1360
50 25590 1635
60 30250 1935
70 35215 2250
80 40360 2585
90 45535 2915
100 50605 3240
110 55405 3550
120 59780 3830
130 62495 4005
140 65205 4180
150 67915 4355
160 70645 4530
170 74265 4825
180 77905 5165
190 82670 5590
200 89810 6230

Glory Point Stats LVL BY LVLEdit

Being an epic hero, Abyss Demon can have up to 12 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Abyss Demon's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 2,000 160
2 3,000 220
3 4,000 280
4 5,000 340
5 7,000 400
6 9,000 500
7 11,000 600
8 12,000 700
9 13,000 750
10 14,000 800
11 15,000 850
12 16,000 900


  • Although Abyss Demon is categorized as an aggressive hero in the game, his hero skill is more that of a defensive hero or healing hero.
  • He is very useful for certain game modes due to his ability to constantly heal the entire party making him a useful tank as well as the only healer with sustained party wide healing. This is especially true for Battle Square, Guild Clash, and Guild Boss. He can also be useful in other game modes but pvp can be tricky as it is easy for your opponent to counter his skill and he is also kinda derpy in game modes such as Lords League whereby he has a lot of walking to do and the game does not path hero movement very well at all.
  • The best aid for this hero is Blockhead's aid which increases his attack rate.
  • His heal is only active when he is attacking. The faster he attacks, the more healing he can do.
  • His divine damage is not very strong but is best combined with his skill.
  • When attacking, the best edge for him is Allied Wind for increasing his attack speed.
  • A few of the newer heroes to the game have skills which counter him pretty significantly. Arcane Caster's skill can steal his buff, Rath's aid skill can dispel a buff from the hero with the lowest hp which may often be AD depending on the situation, Toxic Shaman's skill reduce both attack rate and healing received by a powerful amount, and Bullhead's divine skill can stun him for 8 to 12 seconds and if the stun is removed he will start bleeding instead for a significant amount of damage and he cannot be healed while bleeding of course his divine can be used preemptively to avoid all of this. Also Wolvenfiend's aid skill Shred can cause the enemies hp recovery to pretty much disappear and the Divine Skill of Penthesilia dispels all buffs and debuffs speed by a ton at high levels which obviously spells death for Abyss.
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