Badbone, is a White Skeleton, with a Brown Steel Helmet, with some spikes on it, two white horns, one of them is half-broken, and a Brown Side with Gray Steel Buttons. His eyes are Yellow. He has a Brown Leather Shirt, with a Brown Leather Belt, with a stone grey buckle. He wears Brown Leather Shorts, and a Red Cape, in his Neck, Head and Shorts. He has a Brown Steeled Shoulder Pad, and two Leather Brown Bracelets. He wields an Iron Gray Axe, wich handle is wooden covered in some ropes. His Shield is a Skull Face with Fangs and Yellow Eyes.

Hero SkillEdit

Badbone is a Defensive Hero. His active skill protects himself from harm or heals him.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Phantom Shield
Skill Phantom Shield Level 1
Activates a Phantom Shield that prevents X% DMG for 15s.
Cost 3 Rage.
Has no cooldown.

Phantom Shield Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

Aid SkillEdit

Being a good hero, Badbone does not have an Aid Skill.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 5090 265

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being a good hero, Badbone can have up to 8 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Badbone's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 960 76
2 1,440 105
3 1,920 134
4 2,400 163
5 3,360 192
6 4,320 240
7 5,280 288
8 5,760 336
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