Builder Shack
Builder Shack.png
Unlocks at Town Hall level 1
Game Description
Nothing gets done around here without Builders! You can hire more Builders to start multiple construction projects or speed up their work by using Jewels.

Builder Shack is where the player will get their builders from. Each Builder Shack provides 1 additional builder. Having multiple builders will allow multiple building construction projects to happen simultaneously, speeding up the pace of base development. Builder Shack is the only building that cost jewels rather than Gold. The more Builder Shacks you already have, the more costly the next one becomes. You can have up to 6 Builder Shacks. A player's base starts with 1 Builder Shack.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Builder Shack appears to be a small stone shack with straw thatched, single slope roof. It has a wooden door and doesn't appear to have any windows. It has a wooden barrel outside of the shack, containing a hammer and a handsaw. Most players have their workers going 24/7 so there isn't much need for a hut, but this is what they get when they finally have a chance to rest?

Building Stats[edit | edit source]

Level HP
1 815
No. of Builder Shacks Cost (Jewels)
1 0
2 100
3 500
4 1,000
5 3,000
6 6,000

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Builder Shack cannot be upgraded.
  • Building a Builder Shack does not require a free builder.
  • Builder Shack builds instantaneously.
  • Many players place their builder shacks on different corners of the map in hope for the attacker will not be able to destroy them all in time to prevent a 100% lost. The effectiveness of this tactic is doubtful, but certainly an annoyance to the attacker.
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