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One of the major gameplay elements in Clash of Lords 2 is the construction and upgrade of buildings. When a player first starts, they only have a limited number of buildings to build. The availability of buildings are governed by the level of the Town Hall. Higher Town Hall level unlocks more type of buildings and increase the number of buildings that can be built, among many other improvements.

There are three major type of buildings:

Other than these three groups of functional buildings, a player can also add decorations to his base. Decorations are structures without any function and only serve to add personal touch to the base.

Glory Statues are a newly added buildings type that enhances the HP and ATK of defensive Heroes and defense buildings other than Walls. They are available if a player achieve certain rank in Continent, Arena, Hero Trials, Battle Square, additionally for sharing your Lord's Journey and participating in the 3rd anniversary event.

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