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Epic heroes are the best heroes a player can get in the game. They have better stats than Rare heroes, and their active skills is more powerful than their lower rarity counterparts. They are represented by gold color.

All Epic heroes have Aid Skills. They give 1,200 EXP when used in EXP Fusion.

There are currently 41 Epic Heroes:

Purchasing Epic Heroes[]

Epic Heroes can be purchased by spending Rings in Shop in the Hero Card Section:

Hero Cost (Rings)
Won Ton 15,000
Great Sage 15,000
Enchantress 12,000
Landslide 12,000
Bullhead 8,000
The Berserker 8,000
Chiron 8,000
Arctic Lord 7,000
Sapphirix 7,000
Abyss Demon 7,000
Renee Ven 7,000
Pan Goli 5,000
Demon Slayer 5,000
Pounder 4,500
Carol d'Belle 4,000
Blockhead 4,000
Hydrasaur 4,000
Dark Rider 2,500
Skull Mage 2,500
Glory Priestess 2,000
Air Elite 2,000
Savage Chief 1,200
Blitz Bomber 1,000


  • Currently  Arachne, Arcane Caster, Chaos Ember, Chronokeeper, Imp Mistress, Ironclad, Officer Reigndeer, Penthesilia, Pyriel, Rath, Ravager, Stormrider, Tidal Guardian, Toxic Shaman, Wolvenfiend, and Xaphan are not purchasable with Rings through the Hero Card.
  • It is debatable if purchasing hero with Rings are worth the spending. On one hand some thinks that since all heroes are acquirable through hiring with Jewels, rings should only be spent on upgrading hero active skills, and wait until that one lucky roll that gives the hero they want. However, some thinks that getting a good hero early may allow them to get better results in battles such as in Arena or Campaign Clash, hence getting more rewards.
  • Some people buy heroes with rings in order to Salvage them for shards to upgrade their heroes evolution. If you are thinking about doing this first make sure that heroes Evolution Essences are not commonly available as these are a much more cost effective way evolve heroes.

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