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Rare heroes are some of the better heroes a player can get in the beginning of the game. They are not very commonly acquired. However, all sources that grant new heroes can have a chance to give the player a rare hero, but the chances are significantly lower than getting a Normal or Good hero. For that, they are also considerably stronger than Normal or Good heroes, but will sooner or later be replaced by the most powerful Epic heroes when players eventually get ahold of them. They are represented by the color purple.

The player starts with a Head Hunter, and always gets another Head Hunter the first time they access the Hire interface and make the first free 3-hero purchase.

Unlike normal and good heroes, all rare heroes have Aid Skills. They give 400 EXP when used in EXP Fusion.

There are currently 9 Rare Heroes:

Purchasing Rare Heroes[]

Rare Heroes can be purchased by spending Rings in Shop:

Hero Cost (Rings)
Arcane Warlock 700
Armored Villain 400
Dragon Rider 650
Exokid 500
Head Hunter 400
Hercules 800
Pyro Pete 500
Robyn Hood 400
Shining Wizard 800


  • Although purchasable, it is generally considered a waste of Rings if it is spent on buying Rare Heroes. There are much better place to spend rings on.

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