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Welcome to the Clash of Lords 2 Wiki[]

Welcome to the Clash of Lords 2 wiki! Here we try to consolidate as much information about the game as possible. If you are new to the game or are wondering about some of the deeper mechanics head on over and take a look at the Guide.

About Clash of Lords 2 Wiki[]

Beyond compiling information we aim to provide guidance on various aspects of gameplay. For instance there are many different Epic Heroes and Game Modes and even though the newest Heroes are always much more powerful than the oldest, there can still be some utility left with older Heroes based on their specialized skills. Two prime examples of this are Abyss Demon for his healing, and Skull Mage for his DPS buffs. Another aspect of this game which can be complicated is Resource Choice. There are many rewards in the game and you almost always have a choice of which ones you want, but the quantities vary widely, so it is often hard to know what the best value is. On each resource page you can find a breakdown of how to value rewards and the best sources of each resource. Finally strategy advice can be found on each Gameplay page and their is a vast pool of information and advice to dive into on each Epic Hero page.

New Clash Of Lords 2 Wiki- Click The Link Or Photo To View The New Wiki![]

You are probably familiar with OpsterGaming, but if somehow you aren't he is an absolute pillar of Col2 Youtube content creation and a steward of wiki management of the Official Col2 wiki here on fandom. He has a new wiki here on Fandom which contains in deep insights into the newest Heroes, meta, and gameplay strategies that we should all be up on. If you haven't already, head on over and check it out! -Rusbelia Opster3.0 Youtube Channel Art Banner 2020 Wiki Banner.jpg

Dated Infromation[]

My apologies that some of the information is getting pretty dated as I was away from the game for a couple years and though I am back, there are a ton of things that have changed in that time. Any help getting things back up to date is immensely appreciated!

Needs Updating: Rage cost for intermediate skill levels needs updating as IGG recently changed rage cost to decrease more smoothly and frequently although skill information for all levels for every hero within the game UI so it isn't super critical. Also missing many of the newest Heroes and Weapons, Highest Building levels, and more.