Crackshot is a good ranged attack hero. Each player starts with a level 1 Crackshot. She can be useful in the beginning of the game but will be quickly replaced by better heroes.

Hero SkillEdit

Crackshot is an Aggressive Hero. Her active skill deals extra damage to her target.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Explosive Snipe
Skill Explosive Snipe Level 1
Deals (X + Y% ATK) DMG to nearby enemies.
Cost 3 Rage.
Has no cooldown.

Explosive Snipe Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

Aid SkillEdit

Being a good hero, Crackshot does not have an Aid Skill.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 2030 200

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being a good hero, Crackshot can have up to 8 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Crackshot's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 480 76
2 672 105
3 864 134
4 1,056 163
5 1,344 192
6 1,824 240
7 1,920 288
8 2,208 336


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