Dead Eye is a normal ranged attack hero. Being a normal hero makes her a bad addition to any hero team. She has the worst HP stat among all heroes and her ATK is unremarkable. Like all other normal heroes, its only usefulness is in EXP Fusion.


Dead Eye, is a Woman, with a Pink Cloak, with yellow sides. She wears a hood, and a pair of Brown Leather Gloves, as well as a pair of Brown Leather Boots, wich sides are yellow. She has a Cristal Transparent Helmet, covered half-covered with Yellow and Pink Steel. She has Brown Hair, as well as Brown Eyes. She Holds a Gray Steeled Gun, with some Wooden Brown Parts. She has a Yellow and grey belt, wich holds 6 Grey Bullet Cartridges.

Hero SkillEdit

Dead Eye is an Aggressive Hero. Its active skill deals extra damage to its target.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Raging Arrow
Skill Raging Arrow Level 1
Deals (516 + 107% ATK) DMG to target.
Cost 2 Rage.
Has no cooldown.

Raging Arrow Rage cost does not change when the skill is upgraded.

Aid SkillEdit

Being a normal hero, Dead Eye does not have an Aid Skill.

Hero StatsEdit

1 1380 140 5

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being a normal hero, Dead Eye does not have Glory Point level.

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