Hero SkillEdit

Exokid is a Leader-type Hero. His active skill boost the stats of himself and all Ox Warriors, regardless of whether it is lead by him.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Sublime Time
Skill Sublime Time Level 1
Increases ATK by X and DMG Reduction by Y% for Hero and their Ox Warriors for 15s.
Cost 4 Rage.
Has a 15s cooldown.

Sublime Time Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

Aid SkillEdit

Aid Skill: Barrier Pith
Aid Barrier Pith Level 1
Add X to the number of Ox Warrior mercenaries under deployed Hero.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 6385 325

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being a rare hero, Exokid can have up to 8 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Exokid's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 1,200 96
2 1,800 132
3 2,400 168
4 3,000 204
5 4,200 240
6 5,400 300
7 6,600 360
8 7,200 420
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