Gold Vault
Gold Vault
Unlocks at Town Hall level 1
Game Description
This is where you store your extra Gold. The Nifflers can't wait to get their grimy snouts on your Gold, so keep it safe. Upgrade Gold Vaults to increase their resistance to attacks and capacity.

Gold Vault is where the Gold are stored. Gold need to be stored in Gold Vaults before they can be spent. Hence, to complete some large construction project that requires a lot of gold, the Gold Vault needs to be upgraded to increase its storage size.

Needless to say this building will be one of the prime target during a Resources Raid. It is therefore important to properly defend the Gold Vault to minimize losses. However, a much better way is to simply keep your excess gold in your storage low by spending them as much as possible.


Gold Vault starts as a gigantic square wooden structure with no roof. From the top, gold coins can be seen filling the inside of the structure. It has a door with a padlock, presumably to prevent direct access to the vault. As the vault is upgraded, it slowly changed to a more sturdy looking structure, with pillars and walls made from stronger looking materials. It also slowly gains more decorative ornaments all around the building.

On higher level, an opening is made to the side of the Gold Vault where coins are seen spilled out from within the box. This addition somehow seems to defeat the purpose of having the door with the padlock.

Building StatsEdit

Level TH Level1 Upgrade Time Cost HP Max Storage Exp Gain
1 1 10s 300 2,000 10,000 5
2 2 20s 750 3,000 20,000 10
3 2 30s 1,500 4,000 40,000 20
4 3 2m 30s 3,000 5,000 60,000 25
5 3 10m 6,000 6,000 80,000 45
6 3 30m 12,000 7,500 100,000 60
7 4 2h 25,000 9,000 150,000 85
8 4 3h 50,000 11,000 250,000 105
9 5 4h 100,000 13,000 500,000 120
10 6 6h 250,000 15,000 1,000,000 150
11 7 8h 500,000 17,000 2,000,000 170
12 11 12h 600,000 19,000 2,500,000 190
13 12 16h 700,000 21,000 3,000,000 190
  1. Town Hall level needed for upgrade.


  • The amount of gold can be raided from all Gold Vaults is 25% of the total currently stored gold. If that amount is more than 190,000 Gold, then the maximum that can be raided is capped at 190,000 Gold.
  • It is funny that Gold Vault's in game description mentioned Nifflers, which is actually a unit in the old Clash of Lords game. Its favorite target is Resources. Nifflers does not exist in Clash of Lords 2, as it was replaced by the Willy Fox.

Level ProgressionEdit

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Gold Vault 1
Gold Vault 1Level 1
Gold Vault 2Level 2
Gold Vault 3Level 3
Gold Vault 4Level 4
Gold Vault 5Level 5
Gold Vault 6Level 6
Gold Vault 7Level 7
Gold Vault 8Level 8
Gold Vault 9Level 9
Gold Vault 10Level 10
Gold Vault 11Level 11