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The Guild Chariot is a Hero who joins your other 5 Heroes when attacking in Guild Clash. It has it's own Active Skill, Talent, and Divine Skill which is leveled from Jewel contributions made by all of the Guilds members during each Guild Clash and resets at the end of it.

The HP and ATK of your Guild Chariot is an average of that of your defending Heroes. This percentage increases as you level up the Chariot.


The Guild Chariot is leveled by contributing Gold and Jewels in the 'Upgrade' menu of the Guild Hall. Each day you can make up to 10 Gold contributions which award 6 exp and 6 Guild Contribution Points each. The first contribution costs 100k Gold and each additional one adds 100k more until the final one costs a whooping 1 million Gold. You are also able to contribute 200 Jewels at any time in return for 200 exp and points. The Jewel contributions do not increase in price. The Chariot requires a greatly increasing amount of experience to level up and it has a level cap of 200.

Active Skill - Aerolite Storm[]

Deals {X% ATK} DMG to multiple enemies near the target, stunning them for Y seconds.

Lv DMG Stun Duration
1 300 3s
2 300 3.2s
3 300 3.5s
4 325 3.7s
5 350 4s
6 375 4.2s
7 400 4.5s
8 425 4.7s
9 450 5s

Talent - Morale Surge=[]

Increases ATK of Allied units near the Chariot by X% and restores Y% HP every second.

Lv ATK% HP/sec%
1 10 1
2 11 1.2
3 12 1.4
4 13 1.6
5 14 1.8
6 15 2
7 16 2.3
8 17 2.6
9 18 3

Divine Skill - Divine Infinity[]

Increases allied Heroes' DMG dealt by X% and decreases Rage by 100% when skill is active for Ys. The wording is strange, but it stops you Rage growth and Rage usage during it's duration. So you can spam all your Heroes' Skills only slowed by their cooldown.

Lv DMG% Duration
1 20 12
2 22 15
3 25 15
4 27 15
5 30 15
6 32 15
7 35 15
8 37 15
9 40 15


  • The Guild Chariot's Skill can deal a powerful amount of AoE damage and a long stun to a large area. Be careful however, as Wolvenfiend's Fortitude Skill can cause the Chariot to commit seppuku.
  • The Guild Chariot does not act like other Heroes and prioritize retaliating against nearby Heroes. It acts more like a Mercenary and focuses purely on what is the nearest target.