Guild Hall
Guild Hall
Unlocks at Town Hall level 2
Game Description
This is the Guild Hall. You may create or join a guild in here and win rewards from the guild rankings!

The Guild Hall Building allows players to form or join a Guild with other players and try to compete with other guilds. Where you place your Guild Hall determines where your Guild Bot will be positioned when other players attack your base.

Each week, players in the top guilds by Lords League Trophy Rankings are awarded with Souls and Jewels for the achievement. Also players can build two Glory Statues based on their Guild's Trophy and Battle Royale ranks.

Game ModesEdit

Being in a Guild allows access to many very rewarding Game Modes including:

Guilds also have their own chat room that is separated from the Global channel and functions the same way.

Building StatsEdit

Level TH Level Upgrade Time Cost HP Exp Gain
1 2 30s 1,000 5,000 10


  • One of the one-time tasks rewards the player with 300 Jewels for joining a guild.
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