Limited Time Trading (LTT) is a periodic Event which presents players with a handful of offers to trade Jewels for a variety of different Resources. LTTs occur irregularly, roughly every few weeks but far more frequently around US holidays especially Christmas. LTT appears in the same chest as the far more frequent buy Event 'Super Packs' which is just below your resources on the right side of the screen. These two Events can run concurrently and the outside of the chest will only display Super Pack and not LTT, so it is smart to open up the chest every day it is up to confirm whether there is a LTT hiding inside.

Jewels spent in LTT are considered as spent in 'Spend' Events. This includes trading Jewels for Jewels. That is by far the best thing about LTT, they almost always offer a trade up to a slightly larger amount of Jewels, typically 15k to 18k for 20k, but the amount varies.


Some trades are almost always presented whereas others are less common. The quantity of Jewels and rewards change somewhat frequently, and tend to increase over time. The most recent prices are listed below and a further history of pricing is discussed later.

Almost Always

  • 20k Jewels for 16k Jewels
  • 8k Rings for 5k Jewels
  • 800k Souls for 5k Jewels
  • 50 Coral EXP Eggs for 5k Jewels


Price HistoryEdit

Jewel trades started out years ago at 5k Jewels for 7k and have gradually increased up to a high of 18k and typically fluctuate between there are 15k. It is a good idea to always have enough Jewels on hand for the event that an LTT springs up as the rewards from 18k worth of points in 'Spend' Events can be staggering.

Every other trade is almost always priced at 5k Jewels but the amount of resources rewarded has increased with time. Rings were typically set at 3,500, 500k Souls, 1,000 Mutagen, and 35 Coral Eggs. These prices have historically been very poor, and they continue to be very lackluster in their current state but have gotten much better are are worth it in certain curcumstances.

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