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Mystic Shop
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The Mystic Shop appears in Campaign Clash after certain dungeons are defeated. A shop appears after beating dungeon 5, 12, and 18 the final dungeon. Each shop can contain a combination of Mystic Crystals, Hero Shards, EXP Eggs, and Souls. The items are sold for either Gold or Jewels and each item can only be purchased once. The first item offered in every shop is a quantity of Mystic Crystals purchasable with gold and every other slot is random. It is possible for every other item in the shop to be offered for Jewels or Gold or a mix of both. There are no bulk discounts in the shop.

The Jewel prices are all atrocious and never even close to worth paying. The Gold prices are also high, however Gold is a much less important resource to many players who have no problem overpaying, especially since the overall spending is still limited. The quantities are generally much higher for jewel purchases than they are for gold.

Mystic Crystals/Orbs of Gleening[]

Mystic Shop
Mystic Shop.png

A quantity of Mystic Crystals are awarded with each dungeon defeated and additional quantities are available for purchase in the Mystic Shops. The first item in each shop is always either a quantity of Mystic Crystals or Orb of Gleening offered at a price of 600 gold a piece, and 750 Mystic Crystals a piece respectively. The quantity varies between 100 and 1200, depending on the characters level and how deep into the clash the shop is located. Additional quantities of Crystals may randomly be available in each shop for either gold at the same gold price/per or 7.5 crystals per jewel.

Hero Shards[]

Hero Shards are the most common item offered in Mystic Shops. Originally this was the only place in the game to acquire hero shards and given the low quantity of shards offered was very frustrating and confusing to players. Low level players will often be offered a single shard for sale, while it takes anywhere between 150-1500 shards to create a hero. Currently the shard quantities are a bit more reasonable, and there are many other sources of shards available to players. 1 shard = 90k gold or 20 gems. The number of shards offered for gold varies between 1 and 10 and between 9 and 83 for jewels. A limited selection of heroes have their shards available to purchase in the Mystic Shop, they are: Pounder, Renee Ven, Dark Rider, Pan Goli, Skull Mage, Demon Slayer, Air Elite, Savage Chief, Blockhead, Glory Priestess, and Hydrasaur.

Other Offerings[]

These items are less commonly offered: