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Pan Goli is an extremely powerful Epic Caster. He is classified as an aggressive hero which is an apt description as he has one of the most damaging aoe skills in the game. Additionally his powerful Wizard mercenaries aid greatly in putting out immense amounts of damage in certain game modes. He does not have particularly great stat growth, especially hp, compared to newer heroes, however his skills give him the utility to hold a powerful presence in certain game modes and his aide skill is one of the most powerful in the game.

The wording on his skills is confusing, his Active Skill actually launches 4 fireballs at separate enemies and his aide skill provides invulnerability for its duration once the heroes hp drops to 1.

Pan Goli is able to attain Enlightenment. Doing so improves nearly every aspect about him, complete information can be found on Pan Goli Enlightenment.


Pan Goli is a soccer madman, or mad armadillo? He features a large pair of human hands which indicate that he is either a man in an armadillo or squirrel suit or a cross between a human and an armadillo. Whatever the case he dons a large imposing pair of black spiked shoulder pads and a sack full of soccer balls he wears on his back. The plates on his head appear to be the same black color of his shoulder pads, suggesting that this body armor is artificial and not part of his actual body.

Furthering his animal-like appearance, Pan Goli appears to have yellow-orange fur that covers most of his body, which cuts off at his hands. He has doe like feet that ends in brown claws. His body is also somewhat pudgy with a pot-belly.

Initially, he had no artificial armor and only wore a sack of soccer balls on his back. He had brown scaly "natural armor" that covers part of his arms and head.

He attacks by kicking the soccer balls, sending them flaming through the air at his victims from a moderate range.

Hero Skill[]

His Active Skill is one of the classic burst spells in the game. It prioritizes Heroes and hits 4 separate targets, it doesn't say so but it does. At level 26 his skill gains a new effect which reduces the attack rate and speed of enemies hit.

His Divine Skill knocks back, damages, stuns, and reduces damage of a number of Heroes. At Pisces his Divine gains the additional effect of inflicting bleeding. It does not detail what this bleeding does, but it is presumable that it inflicts the same bleed as his Active Skill.

His Fortitude Skill buffs Sniper Towers' Attack and HP and provides them immunity when their hp drops to 1 for the first time. While immune their Attack Rate and Damage are buffed.

Active Skill[]

Active Skill: Ragna Rocker
Skill Ragna Rocker.png Level 1
Launches a fireball at an enemy (prioritizes Heroes) dealing X (+Y% ATK) DMG, and inflicts bleeding. Bleeding deals Z every 0.5 secs for 8 secs. W
Cost 4 Rage.
Has a 15s cooldown.

Ragna Rocker Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

* Levels 26 - 30 Require Enlightenment.


  • Pan Goli's Ragna Rocker launches more than a fireball. It actually launches 4 fireballs. Each fireball will always target an enemy hero if one exists, and no more than one fireball will hit the same hero on each skill activation. If there is less than 4 enemy heroes, the remaining fireballs will hit the nearest non-wall structure or mercenaries. There is no range limitation to the targets. It'll hit even if the heroes or nearest structures are on the other corner of the battlefield. This skill will not make enemy heroes aggressive when hit.

Aid Skill[]

Aid Skill: Endless Fury
Aid Endless Fury.png Level 1
When Heroes HP drops to 0 for the first time in battle, grants Immortality and Increases the ATK Rate X% for Y secs. Requires Active Skill level Z.

Hero Evolve[]

Pan Goli can further enhance his potency by evolving new skills and abilities. His fortitude skill enhances Sniper Towers.

Evolve Level Skill Name Skill Level Requirements Cost
Skill Description
Aries Finesse Tenacity 1

Hero Level: 50
Player Level: 30
Hero Skill Level: 5
Merc Level: 10

500 Rings
10,000 Souls
200 Mutagens

Increases 5,000 + 15% HP.
Taurus Finesse Goliath Might 1

Hero Level: 70
Player Level: 35
Hero Skill Level: 7
Merc Level: 14

500 Rings
20,000 Souls
300 Mutagens

Increases 300 + 10% ATK.
Gemini Fortitude Aria 1 Hero Level: 80

Player Level: 40
Hero Skill Level: 8
Merc Level: 16

800 Rings
500 Mutagens
300 Pan Goli Shards

Sniper Tower +30% ATK and 50% HP when Hero is deployed. The first time Tower 's HP falls to 1, Tower +66% ATK rate, +20% DMG, and grants immunity for 3s each.
Cancer Finesse Blessing 1 Hero Level: 90

Player Level: 45
Hero Skill Level: 9
Merc Level: 18

1,000 Rings
30,000 Souls
800 Mutagens
500 Pan Goli Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 30% while defending and stationed in the Heroes Hall.
Leo Divine Blaze Blast 1 Player Level: 50

Hero Skill Level: 10
Glory: 1
Merc Level: 20

1,500 Rings
50,000 Souls
1,200 Mutagens
1,000 Pan Goli Shards

Knocks the nearest 3 enemies away and deals (3000+100% ATK) DMG, stunning them for 4s. Also reduces DMG by 30% for 20s.
Virgo Finesse Tenacity 2 Hero Level: 135

Your Level: 60
Hero Skill Level: 11
Merc Level: 22

60,000 Souls
1,500 Mutagen
800 Pan Goli Shards

Increases 20,000 + 50% HP.
Libra Finesse Goliath Might 2 Hero Level: 145

Your Level: 70
Hero Skill Level: 12
Merc Level: 25

2000 Rings
1500 Mutagen
1000 Pan Goli Shards

Increases 1,200 + 35% ATK.
Scorpio Fortitude Aria 2 Your Level: 80

Hero Skill Level: 13
Glory: 3
Merc Level: 28

80,000 Souls
2,000 Mutagen
1,500 Pan Goli Shards

Sniper Tower +40% ATK and 150% HP when Hero is deployed. The first time Tower 's HP falls to 1, Tower +100% ATK rate, +33% DMG, and grants immunity for 4.5s each.
Sagittarius Finesse Blessing 2 Your Level: 90

Hero Skill Level: 14
Glory: 5
Merc Level: 31

2,500 Rings
2,500 Mutagen
1,500 Pan Goli Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 70% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Capricorn Divine Blaze Blast 2 Hero Level: 160

Your Level: 100
Hero Skill Level: 16
Merc Level: 34

3,000 Rings
100,000 Souls
3,000 Mutagen
2,000 Pan Goli Shards

Knocks the nearest 4 enemies away, dealing (6000+140% ATK) DMG, stunning them for 5s. Reduces Enemies DMG by 40% for 25 secs.
Aquarius Fortitude Aria 3 Hero Level: 165

Your Level: 110
Hero Skill Level: 18
Merc Level: 37

4,000 Rings
150,000 Souls
4,000 Mutagen
2,400 Pan Goli Shards

Sniper Tower +50% ATK and 350% HP when Hero is deployed. The first time Tower 's HP falls to 1, Tower +300% ATK rate, +50% DMG, and grants immunity for 6s each.
Pisces Divine Blaze Blast 3 Hero Level: 175

Your Level: 120
Hero Skill Level: 20
Merc Level: 40

5,000 Rings
200,000 Souls
5,000 Mutagen
3,000 Pan Goli Shards

Knocks the nearest 4 enemies away, dealing (12,500+205% ATK) DMG, stunning them for 6s. Reduces Enemies DMG by 50% and inflicts Bleeding for 30 secs.

Hero Stats[]

Level HP ATK
1 5405 445
10 6055 510
20 7090 610
30 8465 750
40 10130 915
50 12045 1105
60 14155 1320
70 16400 1540
80 18725 1775
90 21070 2010
100 23360 2240
110 25535 2455
120 27510 2655
130 28740 2775
140 29965 2900
150 31190 3020
160 32425 3145
170 34065 3355
180 35710 3595
190 37865 3890
200 41095 4340

Glory Point Stats[]

Being an epic hero, Pan Goli can have up to 12 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Pan Goli's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 1,000 160
2 1,400 220
3 1,800 280
4 2,200 340
5 2,800 400
6 3,400 500
7 4,000 600
8 4,600 700
9 5,200 750
10 5,800 800
11 6,400 850
12 7,000 900


  • Pan Goli can be a very powerful hero, mainly due to its highly damaging hero seeking active skill, aid skill and the Wizard mercenaries. Pan Goli himself has very low HP and moderate ATK stats.
  • Newer heroes generally have much better stat growth, especially hp, so his impact may be underwhelming at certain levels, and he generally needs to be significantly evolved with good aides and a highly leveled skill in order to have a strong impact in today's meta. It might be best to focus on other heroes and use him as an aid in most game modes until you have the extra resources to pour into him. However with the introduction of Battle Square he has gained new relevance with the lack of Hero Aides exposing his enemies to his onslaught once again.
  • It is always better to use Pan Goli as a Hero Aid instead of using it to Glory an existing Pan Goli if a main hero still does not have a Pan Goli aid. Having a few seconds of invulnerability is almost the same as having the enemy dealing no damage for a few seconds, especially when all the enemy heroes and/or defenses are focus firing on the invulnerable hero. Pan Golies are often given to players for free as part of log in bonuses and other giveaways. As such it should be easy to keep your main Pan Goli up in level with the rest of your heroes even if reserving a few for aides.
  • His divine skill can be hit or miss, there are times when it is in your benefit to knock targets away, but many times when it is to your detriment, and the stun component is often negated by the fact that your heroes have to chase forward to reach the knocked back heroes. One of the best uses for his divine is as an opener in Coliseum especially when comboed with another aoe stun/lockout from Great Sage or Won Ton.