Pounder is an Epic Melee Hero who was once the best tank in the game however things have not improved for him and other newer heroes have surpassed much of his utility. That is not to say that he is a bad tank, however he has many weaknesses which make him a far less valuable asset than he could be. For instance his aid skill is all but useless and his favored target is defensive buildings which makes him problematic to use when attacking in Lords League, Battle Royale, Guild Clash, and Resources Raid, although certainly not a death knell, you just need to get creative.

Some players think he is useless at this point, and at the highest levels that is probably true, but don't be fooled into thinking he is weak. He can still be quite useful at mid levels but investing resources into him may feel like a money sink. One thing is for sure, there is certainly no better example in this game of a great fall from grace.

Pounder is able to attain Enlightenment. Doing so improves nearly every aspect about him, complete information can be found on Pounder Enlightenment.


Pounder is a short and stumpy troll like character who wears a very light set of leather armor. He dons an old style leather football type helm which completely covers his eyes and wields a drum which he apparently is able to use to stun and life leech his opponents.

Hero SkillEdit

His skill deals a small amount of aoe damage and stuns ground targets inside a roughly 8 tile circle around him. It states that he lands on a random spot, but really he lands on top of his current target.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Skyfall
Skill Skyfall Level 1
Leaps and lands on a random spot. Deals X (+Y% ATK) DMG to multiple enemies nearby, inflicting stun for Z secs. Deals M% more DMG to buildings. Also heals Pounder for N% HP and increases DMG Red by O% for 10s.
Cost 4 Rage.
Has a 15ss cooldown.

Skyfall Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.porcodio

*Levels 26 - 30 Require Enlightenment.

Aid SkillEdit

Aid Skill: Infernal Forces
Aid Infernal Forces Level 1
Increases base HP and base ATK of Ox Warrior mercenaries deployed by this Hero by X%. Requires Active Skill level Z.

Hero EvolveEdit

Pounder can further enhance his potency by evolving new skills and abilities. His fortitude skill enhances Mortar and his Divine Skill deals damage to all enemies including Mercenaries and Walls in an area of about a 10 tile circle around Pounder and can be quite effective at wiping out groups of mercenaries.

Evolve Level Skill Name Skill Level Requirements Cost
Skill Description
Aries Finesse Tenacity 1

Hero Level: 50
Player Level: 30
Hero Skill Level: 5
Merc Level: 10

200 Rings
10,000 Souls
50 Mutagens

Increases 7,500 + 15% HP.
Taurus Finesse Strength 1 Hero Level: 70

Player Level: 35
Hero Skill Level: 7
Merc Level: 14

300 Rings
20,000 Souls
100 Mutagens

Increases 300 + 10% ATK.
Gemini Fortitude Power 1 Hero Level: 80

Player Level: 40
Hero Skill Level: 8
Merc Level: 16

300 Rings
100 Mutagens
150 Pounder Shards

When a Hero is deployed, the Mortar is enhanced, increasing ATK by 30% and HP by 150%. Deals a 100% DMG area attack every 4 attacks, stunning target for 2 secs.
Cancer Finesse Blessing 1 Hero Level: 90

Player Level: 45
Hero Skill Level: 9
Merc Level: 18

500 Rings
200 Mutagens
300 Pounder Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 30% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Leo Divine Bloodcap 1 Player Level: 50

Hero Skill Level: 10
Glory: 1
Merc Level: 20

800 Rings
50,000 Souls
500 Mutagens
500 Pounder Shards

Leeches (4,000 + 75% ATK) HP from nearby enemies. Increases SPD and HP Recovery for you and your Ox Warriors for 15 secs.
Virgo Finesse Tenacity 2 Hero Level: 125

Player Level: 60
Hero Skill Level: 11
Merc Level: 22

50,000 Souls
800 Mutagens
300 Pounder Shards

Increases 20,000 + 50% HP.
Libra Finesse Strength 2 Hero Level: 140

Player Level: 70
Hero Skill Level: 12
Merc Level: 25

1,200 Rings
1,000 Mutagens
300 Pounder Shards

Increases 1,000 + 35% ATK.
Scorpio Fortitude Power 2 Player Level: 80

Hero Skill Level: 13
Hero Glory Level: 3
Merc Level: 28

80,000 Souls
1,200 Mutagen
500 Pounder Shards

When a Hero is deployed, the Mortar is enhanced, increasing ATK by 40% and HP by 200%. Deals a 150% DMG area attack every 4 attacks, stunning target for 3 secs.
Sagittarius Finesse Blessing 2 Player Level: 90

Hero Skill Level: 14
Hero Glory Level: 5
Merc Level: 31

2,000 Rings
1,600 Mutagen
650 Pounder Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 70% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Capricorn Divine Bloodcap 2 Hero Level: 160

Player Level: 100
Hero Skill Level: 16
Merc Level: 34

2,500 Rings
100,000 Souls
2,400 Mutagen
700 Pounder Shards

Leeches (9,000 + 110% ATK) HP from nearby enemies. Increases SPD and HP Recovery for you and your Ox Warriors for 15 secs.
Aquarius Fortitude Power 3 Hero Level: 165

Player Level: 110
Hero Skill Level: 18
Merc Level: 37

3,000 Rings
150,000 Souls
3,000 Mutagen
850 Pounder Shards

When a Hero is deployed, the Mortar is enhanced, increasing ATK by 50% and HP by 300%. Deals a 200% DMG area attack every 4 attacks, stunning target for 5 secs.
Pisces Divine Bloodcap 3 Hero Level: 175

Player Level: 120
Hero Skill Level: 20
Merc Level: 40

5,000 Rings
200,000 Souls
4,000 Mutagen
850 Pounder Shards

Leeches (20,000 + 175% ATK) HP from nearby enemies. Increases SPD and HP Recovery for you and your Ox Warriors for 15 secs.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 13,440 540
10 15,205 620
20 18,005 745
30 21,730 920
40 26,245 1,120
50 31,440 1,360
60 37,155 1,615
70 43,250 1,895
80 49,555 2,180
90 55,905 2,470
100 62,120 2,750
110 68,010 3,020
120 73,375 3,265
130 76,705 3,415
140 80,030 3,565
150 83,355 3,715
160 86,705 3,865
170 91,145 4,125
180 95,610 4,420
190 101,570 4,815
200 110,470 5,405

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being an epic hero, Pounder can have up to 12 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Pounder's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 2,000 160
2 3,000 220
3 4,000 280
4 5,000 340
5 7,000 400
6 9,000 500
7 11,000 600
8 12,000 700
9 13,000 750
10 14,000 800
11 15,000 850
12 16,000 900


  • Pounder's aid skill provides a reasonable buff to Ox Warrior mercenaries however they are significantly behind Wizards and Sharpshooters in damage potential and of course their preference to go after defenses can be a big problem, but you may find some utility in using him an aid to Bullhead in certain game modes.
  • Pounder can deal a considerable amount of aoe damage since both his skill and divine skill are pure aoe they can be combined to wipe out swaths of mercenaries in El Dorado and Arena although far less reliably in the latter. If you are a newer player who is struggling with reliably clearing El Dorado it may be quite helpful especially because his divine also heal him from a substantial amount. Other heroes who can be used to do much the same include: Bullhead, Toxic Shaman, Won Ton, Ambrosia, Arctic Lord, Ironclad, Landslide, Great Sage, and Demon Slayer to varying effect.
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