Renee Ven is a powerful Epic Ranged Hero who is one of the few heroes in the game currently that is able to achieve enlightenment. She does not have the greatest stat growth, especially hp wise, but her skills can make her an invaluable piece in certain lineups.

Renee Ven is able to attain Enlightenment. Doing so improves nearly every aspect about her, complete information can be found on Renee Ven Enlightenment.


Renee Ven is a succubus type hero with large goat type horns and barbed wings. Despite her winged appearance she is in fact a ground unit. She is quite the seductress wearing high heeled boots, long black stockings, and a dark red corset. She wields a short scythe like weapon from which she hurls purple bursts of energy from a moderate range.

Hero SkillEdit

Renee Ven is a Healing Hero. Her Active skill revives the most recent hero who died and can restore a significant amount of hp to them. It is a high rage cost skill and also has a significantly higher cooldown than other heroes. Her divine skill revives and buffs a percentage of your mercenaries for a time. Both skills revive and heal dead units, while she has no way to heal living units.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Spirit Regen
Skill Spirit Regen Level 1
Revives Y Hero to X% of its Max HP. Z
Cost 5 Rage.
Has a 45s cooldown.

Spirit Regen Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

* Levels 26 - 30 Require Enlightenment.

Aid SkillEdit

Aid Skill: Spirit Surge
Aid Spirit Surge Level 1
Increases Sharpshooter ATK by X% and HP by Y% under deployed Hero. Requires Active Skill level Z.

Hero EvolveEdit

Renee Ven can further enhance her potency by evolving new skills and abilities. Her fortitude skill enhances Victory Statue.

Evolve Level Skill Name Skill Level Requirements Cost
Skill Description
Aries Finesse Tenacity 1

Hero Level: 50
Player Level: 30
Hero Skill Level: 5
Merc Level 10

200 Rings
10,000 Souls
50 Mutagen

Increases 5,000 + 15% HP.
Taurus Finesse Strength 1 Hero Level: 70

Player Level: 35
Hero Skill Level: 7
Merc Level 14

300 Rings
20,000 Souls
100 Mutagen

Increases 300 + 10% ATK.
Gemini Fortitude Frostbite 1 Hero Level: 80

Player Level: 40
Hero Skill Level: 8
Merc Level 16

500 Rings
150 Mutagen
300 Shards

Deploying the evolved hero enhances a victory statue, increasing ATK by 25% and HP by 150% Deals 150% DMG to a target every 6 secs, reducing their ATK, ATK Rate and SPD by 20% for 3 secs.
Cancer Finesse Blessing 1 Hero Level: 90

Player Level: 45
Hero Skill Level: 9
Merc Level 18

500 Rings
30,000 Souls
200 Mutagen
500 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 30% while defending and stationed in the Heroes Hall.
Leo Divine Soul Song 1 Player Level: 50

Hero Skill Level: 10
Glory: 1
Merc Level 20

800 Rings
50,000 Souls
500 Mutagen
700 Shards

Revives 50% of all dead mercenaries for 10 seconds. Revived Mercenaries will have full HP and damage dealt to them reduced by 50% DMG. (Bonus Effect at Level 3).
Virgo Finesse Tenacity 2 Hero Level: 125

Player Level: 60
Hero Skill Level: 11
Merc Level 22

50,000 Souls
800 Mutagen
800 Shards

Increases 15,000 + 50% HP.
Libra Finesse Strength 2 Hero Level: 140

Player Level: 70
Hero Skill Level: 12
Merc Level 25

1,200 Rings
1,000 Mutagen
1,000 Shards

Increases 800 + 30% ATK.
Scorpio Fortitude Frostbite 2 Player Level: 80

Hero Skill Level: 13
Glory: 3
Merc Level 28

80,000 Souls
1,200 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Deploying the evolved hero enhances a victory statue, increasing ATK by 35% and HP by 200% Deals 200% DMG to a target every 6 secs, reducing their ATK, ATK Rate and SPD by 25% for 3.5 secs.
Sagittarius Finesse Blessing 2 Player Level: 90

Hero Skill Level: 14
Glory: 5
Merc Level 31

2,000 Rings
1,600 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 70% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Capricorn Divine Soul Song 2 Hero Level: 160

Player Level: 100
Hero Skill Level: 16
Merc Level 34

2,500 Rings
100,000 Souls
2,400 Mutagen
1,300 Shards

Revives 70% of all dead mercenaries for 15 seconds. Revived Mercenaries will have full HP and damage dealt to them reduced by 60% DMG. (Bonus Effect at Level 3).
Aquarius Fortitude Frostbite 3 Hero Level: 165

Player Level: 110
Hero Skill Level: 18
Merc Level 37

3,000 Rings
150,000 Souls
3,000 Mutagen
2,000 Shards

Deploying the evolved hero enhances a victory statue, increasing ATK by 50% and HP by 300% Deals 300% DMG to a target every 6 secs, reducing their ATK, ATK Rate and SPD by 30% for 4 secs.
Pisces Divine Soul Song 3 Hero Level: 175

Player Level: 120
Hero Skill Level: 20
Merc Level 40

5,000 Rings
200,000 Souls
4,000 Mutagen
2,500 Shards

Revives 100% of all dead mercenaries for 20 seconds. Revived Mercenaries will have full HP and damage dealt to them reduced by 85% DMG. ​Also recovers the last used divine skill for one of your heroes.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 5615 500
10 6370 575
20 7565 695
30 9155 855
40 11085 1045
50 13300 1265
60 15740 1510
70 18345 1770
80 21035 2040
90 23750 2310
100 26405 2580
110 28920 2830
120 31210 3060
130 32630 3200
140 34050 3340
150 35470 3485
160 36900 3625
170 38800 3870
180 40705 4145
190 43200 4495
200 46940 5015

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being an epic hero, Renee Ven can have up to 12 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Renee Ven's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 1,000 160
2 1,400 220
3 1,800 280
4 2,200 340
5 2,800 400
6 3,400 500
7 4,000 600
8 4,600 700
9 5,200 750
10 5,800 800
11 6,400 850
12 7,000 900


  • Renee Ven's active skill has the highest Rage cost among all heroes. Her Spirit Regen starts at 5 Rage points per use.
  • She once was the only hero who could revive other heroes until Enchantress was added to the game, but she is still the only hero who can revive mercenaries due to her divine skill. In Battle Royale this can be very important as mercs are usually the more important source of damage than the heroes who lead them. This is doubly effective because she commands Sharpshooter mercs which are the most popular mercs in this game mode due to the active skill buffs of Chiron and Pyro Pete.
  • She has very low base hp especially compared to newer heroes and other heroes who have Enlightenment unlocked. It is a good idea to protect her with a Pan Goli aid. Also putting a high level aid in the first and third aid slots may help.
  • She is one of the few heroes who gets a completely new functionality to her divine skill upon reaching Pisces whereby she is able to refresh the most recently used divine skill on another hero. This can be of substantial utility in game modes such as Battle Royale against enemies such as Chiron who's skill is not only ridiculously dangerous, but also absorbs a ton of damage. Certain heroes such as Great Sage are able to lock Chiron out for a substantial amount of time, but alone he is not able to fill all the gaps and Chiron will get his skill off. However, with the divine refresh it is possible to achieve near complete lockout especially when combined with other heroes who are able to stun such as The Berserker.
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