Rings are a very valuable resource in the game. They are used to upgrade Active SkillsEvolution, and Enlightenment, and can additionally be used to purchase certain heroes from The Shop and various levels of Bastion Research.

Obtaining Rings[edit | edit source]

Rings can be gained through:

Getting Rings with Jewels[edit | edit source]

Currently the cheapest method of trading Jewels for rings is in The Cat's Meow. The first few rolls are clearly better than Lucky Spin, but it is unclear whether the 200 Jewel rolls are better. It does appear however that this is the case and this is the new premier, I am currently conducting testing. Based on my preliminary results paying 50 Jewels for a roll averages .208 jewels per ring, 100 is .417 jewels per ring, 150 is .625 jewels per ring, and 200 is .833 jewels per ring. If this math holds up that makes The Cat's Meow better than Lucky Spin even at 200 Jewels per roll, while Mega Lucky Spin edges it out just slightly. Also of note buying a Hero Treaty increases The Cat's Meow rewards by 50%.

For Lucky Spin, you pay around 1.09 jewels for each ring on average (refers to Lucky Spin for calculations). Also keep an eye out for the Mega Lucky Spin event whereby the average cost drops to .72 Jewels per ring in Lucky Spin.

Mystic Shop sells Rings at 200 jewels for 100 rings, or 2 jewels per ring.

Buying rings in shop cost 1000 jewels for 400 rings, which is 2.5 jewels for a ring.

Spending Rings[edit | edit source]

Rings are mainly spent on upgrading a hero's Hero Skill. Below is a chart showing the amount of rings spent to upgrade each rank of a heroes active skill and the cumulative amount of rings spent to get a skill from level 1 to that point.

Level Cost Cumulative Cost
1 0 0
2 20 20
3 80 100
4 150 250
5 300 550
6 800 1,350
7 1,000 2,350
8 1,200 3,550
9 1,400 4,950
10 1,600 6,550
11 2,000 8,550
12 2,250 10,800
13 2,500 13,300
14 2,750 16,050
15 3,000 19,050
16 4,000 23,050
17 4,200 27,250
18 4,400 31,650
19 4,700 36,350
20 5,000 41,350
21 6,000 47,350
22 7,000 54,350
23 8,000 62,350
24 9,000 71,350
25 10,000 81,350
26* 11,000 82,350
27* 12,000 84,350
28* 13,000 87,350
29* 14,000 101,350
30* 15,000 116,350
 * Requires Enlightenment

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It'd be wise to save up on jewels and spend them in The Cat's Meow when there are multiple Spend Events running.
  • One of the most significant free sources of rings is the Arena. An average player can get 200(Page), 200(Gladiator), 800(Champion) rings each season, which is not hard to achieve if you use all your chances every day. With a good lineup of Heroes and some smart play it is easy to achieve 1500(Master) or possibly even 2000(Emperor) and 5000(Diety)!
  • It is generally not advisable to spend rings on upgrading the skill of any Hero other than Epic heroes, with the exception of Pyro Pete, and Shining Wizard. The reason for this is that all non Epic heroes will eventually be replaced by the more powerful Epic heroes, and the skill upgrade on them will be wasted as it cannot be transferred. The two aforementioned Rare heroes are exceptions because their Aid Skills are quite good and an essential piece of Battle Royale Wizard/Sharpshooter strats. Check out their individual pages for more info.
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