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Sapphirix is a flying hero with some strong utility which keeps them relevant in certain game modes. The game currently features many heroes who can put out significantly more dps, but their active and divine skills are very unique in both their function and utility. As an air unit they cannot be hit by ground attacks and has synergy with other air units well as it is only a significant advantage to be flying when all of your units are flying and all of theirs are melee. Sapphirix's divine skill heals all flying units, and also benefits from the divine skill of Hydrasaur, although it may be harder to find a space for him in your lineups.

Sapphirix is unique as the only hero who both deals extra damage with their skills and provides an extra boost with their divine skill in Battle Royale.


Sapphirix is an icy phoenix that sends shards of ice down at her foes in a dramatic dive. It is likely that the lack of need for active rebirth in this realm has led them to shed the affinity for fire and leash to its counterpart, ice. As with most flying units they attack at a rate of around 1 attack per second.

Hero Skill[]

Sapphirix is an aggressive hero. Their active skill rains down aoe damage on a wide swatch of land in front of the hero. This is not evident by the wording of the skill, but what it actually does is hit with 3 separate aoe blasts each progressively further from the hero with each blast having an area of effect similar to the active skills of Demon Slayer and Toxic Shaman or about 9 spaces wide. The skill damages everything in its aoe including walls although there is currently a bug in the game which causes aoe damage to not affect certain buildings randomly when it should hit them.

Active Skill[]

Active Skill: Gale Rush
Skill Gale Rush.png Level 1
Deals (X+Y% ATK) DMG to targets. Also deals +50% DMG in Battle Royale.
Cost 4 Rage.
Has a 2s cooldown.

Gale Rush Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

Aid Skill[]

Aid Skill: Icy Seal
Aid Icy Seal.png Level 1
Deals +X% DMG (Normal & Skill) and increases HP by Y% when deployed. DMG & HP Bonuses X2 in Battle Royale. Requires Active Skill level Z.

Hero Evolve[]

Sapphirix can further enhance his potency by evolving new skills and abilities.

Evolve Level Skill Name Skill Level Requirements Cost
Skill Description
Aries Finesse Tenacity 1

Hero Level: 50
Player Level: 30
Hero Skill Level: 5
Merc Level: 10

500 Rings
10,000 Souls
200 Mutagen

Increases 5,000 + 15% HP.
Taurus Finesse Strength 1 Hero Level: 70

Player Level: 35
Hero Skill Level: 7
Merc Level: 14

500 Rings
20,000 Souls
300 Mutagen

Increases 300 + 10% ATK.
Gemini Fortitude Iceboon 1 Hero Level: 80

Player Level: 40
Hero Skill Level: 8
Merc Level: 16

800 Rings
500 Mutagen
300 Shards

Increases Magic Tower HP by 100% and ATK by 25% when Hero is deployed. When destroyed, deals 150% DMG to nearby enemies and reduces 3,600 HP within 6s.
Cancer Finesse Blessing 1 Hero Level: 90

Player Level: 45
Hero Skill Level: 9
Merc Level: 18

1,000 Rings
30,000 Souls
800 Mutagen
500 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 30% while defending and stationed in the Heroes Hall.
Leo Divine Snow Storm 1 Player Level: 50

Hero Skill Level: 10
Glory: 1
Merc Level: 20

1,500 Rings
50,000 Souls
1,200 Mutagen
700 Shards

Heal all deployed Air Units for 10s and deals (3,000 + 100% ATK) DMG to enemies (up to 30% of their Max HP). Deals 50% more DMG in Battle Royale.
Virgo Finesse Tenacity 2 Hero Level: 125

Player Level: 60
Hero Skill Level: 11
Merc Level: 22

80,000 Souls
1,500 Mutagen
800 Shards

Increases 20,000 + 45% HP.
Libra Finesse Strength 2 Hero Level: 140

Player Level: 70
Hero Skill Level: 12
Merc Level: 25

2,000 Rings
1,500 Mutagen
1,000 Shards

Increases 1,000 + 35% ATK.
Scorpio Fortitude Iceboon 2 Player Level: 80

Hero Skill Level: 13
Glory: 3
Merc Level: 28

80,000 Souls
2,000 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Increases Magic Tower HP by 200% and ATK by 35% when Hero is deployed. When destroyed, deals 250% DMG to nearby enemies and reduces 8,000 HP within 8s.
Sagittarius Finesse Blessing 2 Player Level: 90

Hero Skill Level: 14
Glory: 5
Merc Level: 31

2,500 Rings
2,500 Mutagen
1,200 Shards

Increases DMG Reduction by 70% while defending and stationed in Heroes Hall.
Capricorn Divine Snow Storm 2 Hero Level: 160

Player Level: 100
Hero Skill Level: 16
Merc Level: 34

3,000 Rings
100,000 Souls
3,000 Mutagen
1,800 Shards

Heal all deployed Air Units for 13s and deals (7,000 + 175% ATK) DMG to enemies (up to 37% of their Max HP), reducing their ATK Rate and SPD by 25% for 12s. Deals 50% more DMG in Battle Royale.
Aquarius Fortitude Iceboon 3 Hero Level: 165

Player Level: 110
Hero Skill Level: 18
Merc Level: 37

4,000 Rings
150,000 Souls
4,000 Mutagen
2,000 Shards

Increases Magic Tower HP by 400% and ATK by 50% when Hero is deployed. When destroyed, deals 350% DMG to nearby enemies and reduces 16,000 HP within 10s.
Pisces Divine Snow Storm 3 Hero Level: 175

Player Level: 120
Hero Skill Level: 20
Merc Level: 40

5,000 Rings
200,000 Souls
5,000 Mutagen
2,500 Shards

Heal all deployed Air Units for 20s and deals (15,000 + 300% ATK) DMG to enemies (up to 45% of their Max HP), reducing their ATK Rate and SPD by 35% for 20s. Deals 50% more DMG in Battle Royale.

Hero Stats[]

Level HP ATK
1 8805 560
10 10160 640
20 12310 770
30 15170 950
40 18650 1165
50 22640 1405
60 27030 1680
70 31715 1970
80 36560 2265
90 41445 2565
100 46220 2865
110 50750 3140
120 54875 3395
130 57435 3555
140 59985 3710
150 62545 3865
160 65120 4025
170 68535 4290
180 71965 4605
190 76455 4985
200 83190 5560

Glory Point Stats LVL BY LVL[]

Being an epic hero, Sapphirix can have up to 12 Glory Point levels. Each Glory Point level will add a bonus to Sapphirix's HP and ATK.

Level HP Bonus ATK Bonus
1 2,000 160
2 3,000 220
3 4,000 280
4 5,000 340
5 7,000 400
6 9,000 500
7 11,000 600
8 12,000 700
9 13,000 750
10 14,000 800
11 15,000 850
12 16,000 900


  • Sapphirix is the only hero in the game who is specifically boosted in Battle Royale. Their Active, Aide, and Divine skills all deal x2 damage and provided double the boost when used in this game mode.
  • Sapphirix is commonly used in the base wipe strategy, whereby players use him and another hero such as Ambrosia to attack all the buildings of a base at once in hopes of achieving 1 star in Lords League. This strategy can be countered by leveling shields on your buildings and generally leveling a good portion of your buildings to the point where they can withstand this combo. Also there are new heroes to the game such as Won Ton and Rath who have fortitude evolution skills designed to counter this strat.
  • Arcane Caster and Enchantress are a couple flying heroes who are new to the game and very powerful in their own right.
  • The 2s cooldown on his active skill means that it can basically be spammed, although the high rage cost of this skill means it can only realistically be spammed in Guild Clash with the aide of the Guild Chariot's divine skill. This combo can actually rank up a significant amount of points against bases which are otherwise impenetrable.