Shock Trooper is a normal melee attack hero. Being a normal hero makes him a bad addition to any hero team. He has high HP and ATK stat among the normal heroes but pales in comparison to Good heroes, which are also easily obtainable. Like all other normal heroes, its only usefulness is in EXP Fusion.


Shock Trooper, Is a Human, that wears a Red Suit with an Horitzontal White line on it. He has Leather Brown Boots, with White Sides. He Carries a Backpack, wich straps are Brown. His Backpack, is an Electric Storage, to storage Electricity for his Sword, so he can attack with an Electric Sword. His Backpack is Red, and has two Gray Steel Stripes. He has also a Gray Steel Antenna, with a Red Bulb, for Searching Electricity. He has a Brown Steel Cap, with a Cristal Transparent Visor, Wich sides are Brown Steeled. He has in both of his hands Brown Steel Gloves, wich Protect him of the Electricity. He Carries a Steel White Sword, Full of electricity. He also has a Shock Device. A Brown Steeled Device with 5 Turquoise Gems, wich ones, shock his enemies.Shock Trooper is a Defensive Hero. His active skill protects himself from harm or heals him.

Active SkillEdit

Active Skill: Song of Valor
Skill Song of Valor Level 1
Restores (X + Y% ATK) HP.
Cost 3 Rage.
Has no cooldown.

Song of Valor Rage cost becomes cheaper when the skill is upgraded.

Aid SkillEdit

Being a normal hero, Shock Trooper does not have an Aid Skill.

Hero StatsEdit

Level HP ATK
1 3670 155

Glory Point StatsEdit

Being a normal hero, Shock Trooper does not have Glory Point level.


  • Shock Trooper seems to be just Warriors in better get-up. They have the exact same bucktooth.
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