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Snifferoos is a normal melee attack hero. Being a normal hero makes him a bad addition to any hero team. He has high HP but very low stat ATK stat. It might be useful in an early game Resource Raid but quickly outclassed by Good or Rare heroes that does the same job better. Like all other normal heroes, its only usefulness is in EXP Fusion.


Snifferoos, is a Creature,similar to a Fox, with Light Brown and White Fur. He has Brown Feet, and wears a pair of White gloves, which sides are yellow. He carries a Backpack, wich stripes are Brown. His Backpack is a Brown Wooden Chest, with Yellow Sides. He has a Red Steel Helmet, as well as some Cristal Transparent Goggles, wich sides are Grey. His eyes are green.

Hero Skill[]

Snifferoos is an Aggressive Hero. Its active skill deals extra damage to its target.

Active Skill[]

Active Skill: Powerlust
Skill Powerlust.png Level 1
Increases ATK by X%, ATK rate by Y%, and SPD by Z% for 15 secs.
Cost 2 Rage.
Has no cooldown.

Powerlust Rage cost does not change when the skill is upgraded.

Aid Skill[]

Being a normal hero, Snifferoos does not have an Aid Skill.

Hero Stats[]

Level HP ATK
1 3670 125

Glory Point Stats[]

Being a normal hero, Snifferoos does not have Glory Point level.