The Wishing Tree is a Spend Event which appears every Friday and Saturday. During the event every jewel you spend anywhere in the game rewards you with 1 point to trade for valuable rewards. Also Wishing Tree is a global Event whereby everyone on the server contributes towards an additional shared reward.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The offerings and prices change but are generally built off the same template.

  • 1,500 Points for 1x 10x Hero Hire Pass
  • 1,500 Points for 4x 5 mil Gold Chests
  • 2,000 Points for 12x 24 Hour Speed Scrolls
  • 3,000 Points for 20 Coral EXP Eggs and 10 Wishing Stars
  • 4,000 Points for 800 Mutagen
  • 4,000 Points for 50 Enchant Crystals
  • 4,000 Points for 20 Hyper Potions
  • 8,000 Points for 360k Souls {12 Bags of 30k Souls) and 20 Wishing Stars
  • 8,000 Points for 4,000 Rings and 30 Wishing Stars
  • 15,000 Points for 1,500 of the newest Hero Shards or 2,500 Ancient Spirit Shards and 50 Wishing Stars
  • 25,000 Points for 1 Ancient Spirit and 70 Wishing Stars

Wishing Stars[edit | edit source]

Each trade made contributes a specific amount of 'Wishing Stars' towards a global pool whereby the total amount of Wishing Stars earned by all players on the server go toward an additional server wide reward. The rewards are separated into 3 different tiers, typically: 20k, 80k, 150k Wishing Stars. Lately the rewards have been: 700, 1,200, and 2,000 Ancient Spirit Shards respectively and are mailed out to everyone on the server about 24 hours after the Event ends.

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