The Wishing Tree is a Spend Event which appears somewhat frequently. During the event every jewel you spend anywhere in the game rewards you with 1 point to trade for valuable rewards. The Wishing Tree is very similar to Lords Gone Wild, however the prices are generally better especially for Evolution Essences. However, there are generally only 2 good Essence trades in Wishing Tree vs 8 in Lords. Also Wishing Tree is a global Event whereby everyone on the server contributes towards an additional shared reward.


The offerings and prices change but are generally built off the same template.

Wishing StarsEdit

Each trade made contributes a specific amount of 'Wishing Stars' towards a global pool whereby the total amount of Wishing Stars earned by all players on the server go toward an additional server wide reward. The rewards are separated into 3 different tiers, typically: 20k, 80k, 150k Wishing Stars. Lately the rewards have been: 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Ancient Spirit Shards respectively and are mailed out to everyone on the server about 24 hours after the Event ends.

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