Witchs are the newest Mercenaries to be added to the game. Only two Heroes command Witchs and they are both Epic Heroes unlike the other Mercenaries who are commanded by all the different rarities of Heroes. They are pretty tanky due to their high HP and because they are unable to be hit by melee heroes. Their base numbers max at 25 units and they have reasonable attack, however they attack at the slowest rate of any mercenaries so they simply cannot compete in terms of dps potential.


Witchs have a typical appearance of a wicked female wearing a large teal witch hat sitting atop a broomstick with a large teal bag tied to the hilt. At lv 21 their color changes to a deep blue. Their attacks look like large blue orbs of energy.


Heroes that leads Witchs are:

Epic HeroesEdit


Witchs have very high HP and moderate ATK. They attack very slowly, at a rate of around 1 attack per 2.5 seconds.

Level HP ATK
1 1,084 99
2 1,296 112


At level 30 and every 5 levels thereafter Mercenaries are able to upgrade talents. Each mercenary has 2 distinctly different talents to upgrade and the usefulness varies greatly however they are always worth the Souls to upgrade.


Voodoo increases Hitpoints and Attack by a percentage of your Witches' base HP and Attack.

Level ATK% HP% Souls Merc Lv
1 10 15 50,000 30
2 20 30 100,000 35
3 26 56 150,000 40
4 32 68 200,000 45
5 40 80 300,000 50

Toxic HeartEdit

Toxic Heart increases Attack by an added amount and boosts Damage done by a percentage.

Level ATK+ DMG% Souls Merc Lv
1 150 3 50,000 30
2 300 6 100,000 35
3 450 9 150,000 40
4 600 12 200,000 45
5 750 15 300,000 50


Witchs can benefit from the follow heroes' Aid Skills:

Witchs can be improved by the following Hero Talents:

Witches' stats can be increased by the Surprise Attack upgrade in Spell Learning

Witch's stats can be boosted by the following Equipment: